Megurine Luka – Life Exhibition (見世物ライフ)

a new song by otestsu, 164 and papiyon!

a exaggerated alarm makes me raise my eyebrows

I know, you don’t have to get so worked up, since

I’m gonna disappear soon enough…

Exiting through the ticket gate

Your gaze squirms

It’s approaching here

The white lines glare

The glass window laughs

At my idiotic looking face

The railway crossing gate hangs its head

They’re all just waiting for me to disappear

Well, look

It’s started today too,

My lonely

Life game

Along with a rule made by someone,

This heart carries

A life filled with ridicule

It’s so fun, it feels so good

A feeling of inferiority stabs me

Even without having to clear my ears,

I can hear your voice

Glancing at me while talking behind my back

They are filled with joy

Well, look

You laughed at

Me, the dropout, my

Life show

I’ve been swallowed by the waves of humans, am crying

to someone who doesn’t know better

I’m just their imaginary extra

Well, look

It’s ended today too,

My lonely

Life game

On this rail made by someone, I ride

That dream I had as a child

Where did I forget it?

If my life is something this worthless, then

Who will decorate this last scene of mine?

Even the scenery I see before me with these red eyes

It’s as though I’m not myself, I can’t stop shaking

I’m getting tired out, so shall we turn off the power

I haven’t saved yet, but

I shall close my eyes gently…

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5 Responses to Megurine Luka – Life Exhibition (見世物ライフ)

  1. Hey Ame! It’s me, Taikwonderful! I was just wondering if I could have the nnd link. Please and thankyou! ~Taikwonderful.

  2. KarinMaid says:

    Ame are you gonna sub this? if not can I sub this? xD

    • ameshoujo says:

      go ahead! 🙂 when you’re done i’ll link your video on here.
      and by the way, I noticed that vgperson translated the title as ‘Showy Life’ so use whichever one you think works. ^^

  3. KarinMaid says:

    it`s done xD sorry it took so long I was really busy ><

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