Kagamine Rin and Len – Phantom Thieves Peter and Jenny (怪盗ピーター&ジェニイ)

If you’re targeted, just give up obediently, okay?

There’s not one thing in this world that can’t be stolen

Like the largest diamond in the world,

or the dress that actress was wearing in that drama

If there’s something you want, go ahead and call me

Melting into the darkness, a pair of eyes glitter

I won’t leave a shred of evidence,

By the time they notice, it was already too late

Well then, what’s the next thing you want?

If you have time for such nonsense, then start working already!

Hmm, I think the next one will be a specimen of an extinct species of butterflies,…

If you accept another girl’s request, I’ll ○ you, okay?

Only the things I love, lined up side by side next to me

Creating a country for myself,

You are my obedient servant

Hey, there are no objections to this, right?

Melting into the darkness, a pair of eyes glitter

Honestly, it’s getting slightly tiresome…

What, why’re you complaining now?

“If it’s stolen, it’s your loss”

Isn’t that the rule?

Hey, those eyes, when will they be mine?

Ha, that’s a funny joke

Sigh…what do you want next?

(Well then, I think I want that next!)


Rin-chan went to steal something quite outrageous

Even for a phantom thief that can steal anything in the world, there is just one thing he can’t steal


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