GUMI, Kagamine Len & Rin – Academy of First Love, Department of Pure Love (初恋学園・純愛科)

Author Comment; the anthem of youth

In studies and sports, I’m completely hopeless, but

Without knowing my place, I fell in love with you (president}

A momentous decision! A love letter of 7100 words!

But I don’t have the courage to give it to you…

Hey, your gaze is obvious, you know?

Hey, if you have something you want, just say it!

Umm, er, umm…

The weather is very pleasant!

I’m glad it’s so peaceful today as well!

Why are you shaking?

And what are you hiding?

Hey, show me! (noooooooo)

Behold, the aura of charisma that overflows from me

Of course, my necktie is custom made from Berberry!

What’s that, it’s a strange brand I’ve never heard of

Also, don’t hold roses in your mouth in the classroom!

Hey, on this Sunday…

Ah, I have lessons, another time, okay!

Ah, a sweet little kitten who’s scared of this perfect me?

If it’s because of the other girls’ jealousy, it’s okay

I’m a bit jealous of that unfounded confidence of yours…

…it’s already evening

Ah, this is the boring lamb that is her childhood friend,

She’s in the middle of talking with me?

This is bad, I won’t let him call me incompetent anymore!

President! Please read this letter!


Every time your silky hair blows in the wind,

My heart beats faster…something something

Your literary talent is quite good, but she chooses me

…hey, isn’t that right?

I’m surprised by both of you, my answer….I wonder what it is

But there’s one thing I think,

I wish these silly days

Would continue forever and ever…

(no, it’s nothing…)

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