IA – Hide and Seek of Isolation (孤独ノ隠レンボ)

At the beginning of the story, in the opening act

the main lead  was a gimmicky clown, with a  comedy act of laughing rain


This muddy water (corrupt red-light district)

reflects your face

These ordinary days were so boring

love affairs were my favorite food

as they spit out conjecture

In my dreams or in reality

Crowd psychology


Drawing from the penalty bookmark

overflowing; the toy slowly unfolds,



The fairy tale I uncovered

was like a ripe fruit

Crowding around this sweet nectar, going crazy

Overcoming emotions


After the rain there’s nothing

Look, the laughing shadow trembles

Opening the book with innocent longing


While killing time, let’s start this game

Peaceful days, distant compensation


Hiding the demon’s eyes

and the taste of slicing iron

If there is red silk, are preparations complete?


Holding on to the tickets tightly

the clock’s hands snatch away your eyes



Shall we start

this game of hide and seek

“I’ll be ‘it’ first”


Broadcasting noise, the TV cries

Proving its existence


120’s nothing

As you laugh, you reveal that

“next is your turn to be ‘it’”


Somewhere, I heard a strange conversation

Of living people and deceased people, temporarily broadcasted

“well, the person to die today will be the innocent you”

Premonition? Relevance? Given knowledge?

A blank face


Look, it’s piled up

See, you saw my face


Now, here comes the final chapter

Ah, the demon is approaching,

Oh, the demon is coming

Hey, the crazy, innocent demon is coming


The fairy tale I uncovered

The ripe fruit withers

Sweet nectar, lured into the evening rain, a supernatural phenomenon

The demise of playing alone

Look, the summer’s shadow is right beside you

and the demon sneered

“it’s my win”


Come, shall we start

This game of hide and seek

“who is the true demon?”


The prologue is told ironically,

As a perfect crime


The rumour of early summer, playing alone

The cat on the bookmark, reincarnated, says

“next, it’s your turn to be ‘it’”


original video:

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3 Responses to IA – Hide and Seek of Isolation (孤独ノ隠レンボ)

  1. Rika says:

    Can you put romaji? 😀

  2. otakualice says:

    Would it be okay if I used your translation? 🙂 I would like to use it in a video and I need a translation for th song. It’s nothing serious, I just put up english sub and romaji for diffrent songs on youtube and it’s like a hobby of mine. Usually I just look for random sites but I thought it would be better to ask before 😉 I’ll put a link in the description or in the video.

    Just contact me on youtube or with a simple replay here . Keep up the good work 😀

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