Gumi – A Momentary Trip (セツナトリップ)

1, 2, are you ready?

On 3 and 4 let’s kick out

Isn’t it okay to just do things spontaneously?

It’s not like anything is going to change regardless,

Push forward! Alright, firing to the future!

Uncertain steps, why is it so melodic?

Even if you get lost there’s no helping it

Stop, dare, at least be sure,

intoxicated, but it’s still not enough

The phrases just burst out, look, the person who has fun wins!

I’m going to search for that momentary trip,

it’s not like I can’t fly, I’m gonna dive into the secret’s heart once again!

Without looking away, here comes the contest!

It’s severe and congested, but I won’t withdraw

The girl who lives fully

Awake or asleep, tames this moment

Soon enough, my symptoms will be at its limit,

so I’m really crazy about this immediate trip.

It’s still fluffy,

Just a little more fluffy,

Behaving spoilt, oh my, you did it now baby,

Surely there won’t be developments every day!

You’re really obstinate…

As though fast-forwarding, the days pass

I still want to indulge in doing whatever I want

It can’t be helped, I’m an imperfect trip girl,

Change, change will make reality explode

Resist, surely there is a trick,

The colors of the night hide the maze

The youthful girl of tomorrow, pretending to sleep, I’m free

Plugging my ears;

“Ah, I can’t hear youu~”

A sweet Bambina, the dreaming girl

believed that eternity was present there.

If you just work hard you lose,

At least, that’s my guess,

The cards you’ve been dealt in your lifetime,

‘If you’re weak it’s over’, or ‘it determines your future’,

‘you can’t avoid it!’

“ah! that’s enough! guitar!!”

…I know that it’s just my excuses,

the hands you are dealt are only dependent on yourself,

How long can you keep running away in your dreams?

Isn’t it already time to wake up?

Awaking from the momentary trip,

It’s not like I can’t fly, I’ll dive into this glittering reality now!

Without looking aside or running away, the contest!

I definitely won’t propose withdrawal

Because I’ve decided to live without ever losing!!

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